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Terms & Conditions


All invoices are to be paid in full on job completion unless otherwise agreed by Low Cost Locksmiths (see “Accounts” below).

Special parts require a minimum 50% deposit prior to ordering;

We only accept cash, credit or debit cards as a payment method onsite.

We do not accept or store credit or debit card numbers, if payment is not possible on site, upfront payment via electronic funds transfer will be required before we will attend or start work and a receipt must be provided of the transaction, unless the customer is an existing account holder.

Failure to pay as arranged may incur forfeiture of the goods until payment in full is received, and any additional costs associated with the failure to pay;

Failure to pay may result in withholding of keys and / or removal of locks with no obligation to restore previous condition or operation.

If payment is not made and keys are withheld, an additional delivery fee may incur in order to return and collect payment.

Interest may be charged for all outstanding debts using the Statutory Interest rate for loans as set by the ATO;

Late payment fees and interest will be charged at the discretion of Low Cost Locksmiths.

All booked in job cancellations within the Hervey Bay City Limits must be requested by phone at least one hour before the appointment time or we may charge for the service call if we have already started traveling.

For service calls outside the Hervey Bay City Limits allow extra time based on location.

Retention of Title

Low Cost Locksmiths retains ownership of all goods until paid for in full. Goods may be repossessed without prior notice at any time until full payment is received.


Trading accounts are created at the discretion of Low Cost Locksmiths and a credit check may be required.

Any person or company failing the credit check will not qualify for an account and anyone in doubt need not apply.

Until an application is submitted and accepted, all work must be paid in full onsite when the job is completed.

For all accounts, the first job must be settled before any further work will commence.

A maximum limit of credit will be agreed on application and must be settled before further work will commence.

All jobs must be requested via a work order specifying exactly what must be done, any ambiguity may result in unwanted charges and any variations must be emailed to us followed by an amended work order.

Once a trading account is setup, payment may be made by bank transfer unless otherwise agreed and must be paid by the due date specified on the invoice.

All invoices for credit accounts will be sent electronically by email.

We reserve the right to close any account at any time for any reason.

Other variable agreements may be included with each account at the time of application.


All products and services are guaranteed under Australian consumer law.

We honor a 90 day warranty period that covers any problems due the installation and/or malfunction of the product that is sold by us – if we did not supply the product, the customer is responsible for the guarantee of product.

If we are called out to a warranty and it is determined that the fault is not with our work or with the product supplied by Low Cost Locksmiths, a service call and time onsite may be charged with no obligation to fix the actual fault.

It is therefore highly advised that the issue is fully tested and verified to be the fault of Low Cost Locksmiths before calling us out.

If the client is advised about a problem onsite and does not act on the advice for any reason, a note will be added to the invoice stating advisory given, and signed by the customer.

In turn, if the advisory is ignored and causes the product to not function correctly at a later date, the warranty is void and the company is not obliged to re-attend or remedy the problem.

If work can not be completed due to another issue such as faulty door / opening or no access (blockade), a service call may be charged for that visit and the client may be charged again to return at a later date.

Our Guarantee

We are pleased to offer a guarantee on the following:

  • If any of our work fails within the 90 day warranty period, we will come back and fix it at no additional charge.

Estimates & Quotes

Low Cost Locksmiths is happy to offer free over the phone estimates, but if it is not possible to provide an estimate over the phone, we can offer a free quote within the Hervey Bay City Limits.

All quotes are valid for 14 days, unless stated otherwise.


Jobs requiring attendance may be cancelled only prior to our technician being dispatched and solely at the discretion of Low Cost Locksmiths. Charges for callout may apply.

At the discretion of Low Cost Locksmiths, after hours jobs cannot be cancelled without incurring the cost of the after hours minimum charge of $80.00 excl gst.

Products on order cannot be cancelled if they are a special order products without losing any deposit paid. In some circumstances, it may be possible to pay the freight costs and restocking fee but only at Low Cost Locksmiths discretion.


We are confident in the quality of our work and the products we recommend & supply, offering a 90 day warranty on new installations, labour, parts and products (supplied by Low Cost Locksmiths).

After 90 days we will continue to provide a warranty of the product or part within the manufacturers warranty period, not including service call or labour.

Repairs on non serviceable or discontinued parts are not subject to warranty of any kind although we will do our very best to repair where possible and if there is any doubt, we will suggest replacing for new.

Products Supplied by Others

Low Cost Locksmiths takes no responsibility nor offers any warranty on products purchased or supplied by anyone except Low Cost Locksmiths.

Precautions & Considerations

Please supervise any small children or animals and keep them away from the area while we work as we may have sharp or harmful tools in our bags and boxes and would not want anything to happen that could be avoided.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure a clear path is available to the work area, if we are unable to perform the works due to no access, we may charge a second service call fee to return at a later date.